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Herdel.com is a modern film and TV-production company located in Copenhagen. With a running production of several movies, documentaries, TV-programmes etc.

Furthermore with more than 40 years in the film industry, executive producer Steen Herdel has produced several of the cornerstones of Danish cinema and been responsiblefor launching the careers of important directors such as Morten Arnfred, Niels Malmros, Bille August and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen.

portrætSteen Herdel also produced Jørgen Leth’s acclaimed bike racing documentary feature “A Sunday in Hell” (1978) and Lasse Spang Olsen’ s action comedy “In China They Eat Dogs” (1999), which Variety compared to “Pulp Fiction” and “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. An American remake is currently in negotiation.


Feature films

The feature film productions of Steen Herdel include “Leave us Alone” (1975), “The Double Man” (1976), “Could We Maybe” (1976), “Evening Land” (1977), “Boys” (1977), “Clark” (1977), North Sea Fishermen ” (1977), “The Marksman” (1977), “A Sunday in Hell” (1978), “You Are Not Alone” (1978), “Me and Charlie” (1978), “Honeymoon” (1978), “Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?” (1978), “Notebook on love” (1989), “In China They Eat Dogs” (1999) and”Better Off Dad” by Peter Ringaard (2003).


Awards for feature films produced by Steen Herdel include Best Film at the Bodil Awards for “Boys”; Best Film at the Bodil Awards for “Me and Charlie”; Best Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Bodil Awards for “Honeymoon”; the Audience Prize at the Lübeck Nordic Film Days for “Wanna See My Beautiful Navel?”; and the Audience Award at the Luxembourg International Film Festival as well as Best Special Effects at the Robert Festival for “In China they eat Dogs”.


Nominations include the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for “Leave us alone”, the Golden Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival for “Evening Land ” and again for “Honeymoon”, as well as Best Screenplay and Best Make-Up at the Robert Awards for “In China they eat Dogs”. Steen Herdel also has a long list of awards for his exhausting production of documentaries.


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Ongoing projects

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.05.07

A Springtime in Hell

A world known masterpiece showing again and again. The making of this incredible film is World Film history.


Nobody knows what is hitting us the next time. Disasters are mostly unexpected.
Special way of thinking is needed.

kimandandynewyork1159“The Saint”

Salvation Army and Danish vice police  on  a collision.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 17.11.43Persona non Grata

Julian Ficarelli – One of  4 movies being developed right now.



Life with Ostomy

Koefods School

Kofoeds School is an independent, non-profit humanitarian organization that provides help in order to promote self-reliance for people with socio-economical problems. The film is shot as a reality project.

Working with Yangon Filmschool

Several projcts cooking

The smart cook

How to make the worlds most fantastic food within a normal family budget. A challenge to fantasy for the best cooks.

The white busses - Movie

The wild history about the rescue of prisoners in German concentration camps during end of  WWII

How to be a 100 years old

A video programme based on Carsten Vagn Hansen Book: ”How to be a 100”  Life style and   advices

Matriarchy - TV series

A matriarchy is a social organizational form in which the mother or oldest female heads the family. Descent and relationship are determined through the female …”Where women rule” a TV series about places in the world, where women rule.


A movie about the fisherman Franz in the 1970es coming from a very religious background to Copenhagen where porn and more is suddenly free. He is working with Salvation Army i the  tough sailor spot Nyhavn where he meets a lot of wild challenges.


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